Physical Geology - GEL1121
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Learn about the course....

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Your first assignment is to become familiar with the course and your instructor's expectations. You should do this right away. The syllabus and FAQ summarize all course policies and the schedule details what you will study. This information will help you decide to continue in this course or opt for another. Be sure to carefully read and understand these three documents....

Once you have carefully read the above you should start learning about geology through the readings listed in the Course Schedule.


What is Physical Geology?

Physical Geology is the science of the earth, the materials of which it is composed, and the processes that are acting upon them. Our studies will include: minerals, rocks, earth's internal structure, plate tectonics, geologic structures, the rock cycle, and surface/subsurface processes. The course serves as an introduction to the geological sciences and is a prerequisite to advanced study. I hope that you enjoy the subject as much as I enjoy teaching about it. .